Friday, November 7, 2008

LakeSide Memory

Welcome to my office.

Earlier this week I was looking at my piles of old newspaper wondering what I could do with them to preserve them in a more artistic manner. Two attempts at newspaper crafting later and we have the above products, of which I am most proud.

All of these are articles or pictures and some of my columns from the newspaper I used to work for. I only chose the ones that 1) meant the most to me or 2) caused me the most trouble. I really enjoyed reflecting while I sorted and glued, hodge-podged and sprayed acrylic sealer.

I also finished painting the office last night and I'm in love with the color.
Mostly because of its name.

I knew, after I decided on the newspaper art, that I wanted the walls to be a greyish color. I was looking at Wal-Mart and found this color called "Lakeside Memory."


I bought the paint because of the name.
And it totally matches, I love it and because I have so many lakeside memories, it was completely and thoroughly appropriate.


Mary Zolene said...

I think it is a great way to remember the Ledger! The shiny collage against lakeside memories is great!

Kristin said...

That color is great. The name makes it even better.

Brooke said...

awesome! i love it! i am very proud of your crafty side that is showing its head now =)

Jaclyn Tompkins said...

I love buying paint by the name too! And the newspapers look great. Can't wait to see them when I come to visit:)