Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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We'll go ahead and get that out of the way - despite many applications and resumes sent, I have not had an interview nor a job offer, as of yet. The latest round of apps went out a week ago today so I'm hopeful maybe (MAYBE!) this will turn up something. Another thing to get out in the open: I'm applying for jobs EVERYWHERE and that includes - Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, and Tennessee. When one is desperate for a job and not held down to a specific location, the sky's the limit.

To clarify, I'm not entirely desperate for job....but, kinda, yeah. It's getting to THAT point where I need to be making some serious dough. For S-E-R-I-O-U-S.

Skye and Me:

What can I say? We're pretty rockin' right now.

Last Saturday I took her to hang out with the guy I bought her from. He's my narcotic detective friend from my reporter days at the ML&T. He also trains police dogs and has recently started his own obedience school. A couple other trainers were there when we visited - Morgan, who trains for bite work and Robbie, who trains cadaver recovery and search and rescue dogs.

We played around with Skye in the backyard and she wowed her onlookers with her love of her bumper and her ability to track and recover it.

Basically, Skye and I are on the Team. :) We start training this week for cadaver recovery.

I really can't express how excited I am. Next to journalism, is my love for dogs and working dogs, at that.

So I finally have my (most amazing, smarter-then-I-am) dog and the opportunity to put her brains and my hobby to work.

Here's the crazy part - once she's trained and certified, I'll be deputized as a member of the team and be given arresting power and the ability to carry a gun on-scene. Who knew that law enforcement could possibly be in my future?

Another perk of this turn of events is that it gives me the unbridled ability to unashamedly brag on my dog and you have to listen because you're so intrigued. :)

The first part of our training was getting her hooked on a tennis ball tied to the end of a string. She must know this is her gateway to putting her overactive brain to use. She saw it for the first time and hasn't forgotten it since. She even play-growled while playing tug-o-war with me. She NEVER does that.

I made the mistake of putting the contraption on my bed so now the scent of it is on my comforter. She spent about ten minutes last night clawing my feet and trying to jump on the bed to get to the scent. I also have to make sure she doesn't see where I put it away at. The first night, she watched me put in the closet and she ended up sleeping curled up next to the closet door - after she unsuccessfully tried to get me out of bed (literally) for it.

The exalted bumper pales in comparison to her ball-on-a-string.

Essentially, in her brain, the search (and recovery) of dead people will result in her ball-on-a-string suddenly appearing. And thus the game begins.

What better way to combine TWO of my greatest loves then to visit the LAKE every day?

There is no better way, really.

Every day (and by "every day", I really do mean every day) Jada, Skye and I manuever the two miles to the boat dock/our personal swimming area. I ride the golf cart, Jada runs ahead of us and Skye plods along treadmill-style next to me.

They love it to the point that a crying fit ensues from the time Skye sees me with the leash heading to the golf cart to when she's biting at the front left tire for us to go faster. And Jada's at full alert with a smile on her face.

These dogs love to run.

I have to call Jada in as we get closer to the boat dock, to make sure no boats are entering/exiting. It's about all I can do on voice command alone to hold her back to ensure safety and then release her when the coast is clear. She rushes down the boat ramp and swims out about two feet to just where she can't touch and her belly and back are enveloped in the water.

Skye waits until the golf cart is parked and I unhook her leash. Then she's off.

This is where the bumper comes into play.

As many times as I throw it out in the water, she'll go get it. From the shore, off the dock...doesn't matter. She's jumping in and getting that sucker.

Our regular time for going is about 6:30 or 7, when the sun isn't so intense and they can run their two miles without fear of bad heat-things happening.

This is my favorite time of day. For many reasons.

I'm with my dogs.
I'm at the lake - during sunset, one of my favorite times to be there.

I wade out in the water and Skye and Jada take turns swimming out to me. Last night I was the only one out there, while both my dogs sat on the shoreline looking at me.

The sun isn't setting now until about 9 p.m. Last night's color palette across the lake was blue - a deep, cobalt blue over the water, accented by the darkened tree line and highlighted by a rosy peach over the horizon as the sun eventually disappeared.

I sat and watched it.

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