Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Final Adventure

(the body of the blog post is below the pictures...Blogger wasn't cooperating with me and I was trying hard, really hard, to not be annoyed.)

We visited PetSmart and Josey got to see the animals they had there. A pale comparison to the zoo outing I wanted to take her on, but I settled for this.
Instead of the zoo, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese! And mostly, the thing about this picture I love the most are her pigtails. And her pony tail holders.
Josey and Riot snowmobiling
After Chuck-E-Cheese, we went to the park and Josey took this picture (and many others) of Skye and I.
The kids enjoyed walking the dogs.
Josey loves Jada.
Josey and I
She loves tractors and all things mobile.
Her cheese is frightening sometimes
My favorite picture of her ever.
She didn't know I took these

Scary cheese!

I really, really wanted Josey and I's final adventure before my move to be a trip to the zoo, a place she's never been. But unfortunately, her parents were not too agreeable on that plan, so we ended up at Chuck-E-Cheese instead.

We had a blast.

Three things I would like to point out: 1) that place is freakin' expensive, 2) Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m. is a perfect (PERFECT) time to go and 3) it's exhausting and adults tend to get cranky. Adults being me. Yes, I did indeed get cranky and a bit snappy at the children when we left. But when, in the Wal-Mart parking lot, Josey helped me out of my funk by saying, "Holly, could you put your phone up?" I was texting.

And I smiled, mainly because it's quite obvious she has a bossy nanny.

On the way home from our adventure, we stopped at a park to walk the dogs and play for a little bit before I dropped them off. This particular park is a favorite of mine in Draffenville and the kids really enjoyed it. Katie and I visited this same park two years ago exactly at this time of year. It was nice to revisit it.

When I dropped the kids off, Josey didn't want me to leave. She rarely struggles with me leaving but that day she did. I don't think she understood I was leaving for awhile but maybe I underestimate her ability to comprehend. I cried a little bit on the way home.

I will miss her...very much.
I've been talking about her a lot.

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randy said...

thats a great picture of you, Holly. Always hard to seperate. I know she's going to miss her Holly. Have a safe trip. Love you.