Monday, May 10, 2010

Today, tonight, last night

Today I:

- got up at 6:10 a.m. to feed my niece
- went back to bed
- got up again at 8:30
- set out steaks for dinner tonight
- went to a county meeting at 10
- came home, ate lunch
- visited with my new newspaper bosses
- ran errands
- watched TV
- cleaned up the kitchen
- played Yahtzee
- got annoyed at Micah and instructed him on wrapping potatoes for baking
- found a recipe for sugared pears
- cooked steaks and potatoes and corn on the cob and sugared pears
- enjoyed dinner with my family amidst a crying baby and horses escaping their pen
- got horses back in their pasture with my brothers
- went to the high school auditorium to watch a play
- got a call from mom that the horses were out again
- came home to get horses
- the neighbor had already helped her
- went back to the play
- came home

Tonight I:

- served dessert
- played Yahtzee
- sat on the back porch with my dogs and emailed a friend
- started the dishwasher
- watched Dancing With the Stars
- chatted with a friend
- watched House
- showered
- had my mom look at the sole of my feet where I have a cut
- put a bandaid on my finger
- got lost in the kitchen - feeding my niece and then realizing I needed to put away the sugared pears and start the steak-cooking pans soaking. I then realized I couldn't do all three at once so I did the most important first and came out to the others.

Last night I:

- walked with my sister and brother and multiple dogs. Here's a photo with the beautiful sunset.

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