Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I WAS there! (and diet update)

I was yelled at during and after the UT Longhorns game that there weren't enough pictures of me. But there were several and I've included some of them here. The biggest reason I took most of the pictures is because I experienced separation anxiety from my camera when it wasn't in my hands. It's like when there's a newborn in range and I'm not holding it, I want to yell, "Give me that baby!" Kinda the same.

Anyway, here are some photos - what great memories!

If I look skinnier to you, I am. If I didn't look skinnier to you, look again because I am. I'll go ahead and double this post as a diet update too.

As of today (5 weeks on the diet), I've lost 25 pounds. I never thought I would type those letters in sequence in regards to my weight loss. But I did. And it feels good.

Also never thought I would think of myself or hear someone refer to me as someone who eats "extremely healthy" but I do and I did. It's been exactly 5 weeks since I've eaten any sugar, starches, fast food, or carbohydrates. It's been 7 weeks since I've drank soda. Basically, what I eat and drink are fresh/frozen fruits and veggies, lean meat (chicken, beef or fish) or other proteins occasionally like cottage cheese or hard-boiled eggs, unsweetened tea and coffee and lots of water.

So that's the photo and diet update.

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Anonymous said...

Holly, I am so proud of you, even more now, and you look great. Yes, your body too but your infectious smile that you've had all your life just makes me smile too. Thanks.