Wednesday, April 6, 2011


While I was rinsing my peaches canned in heavy syrup, I realized my eating habits have changed.

It took several rinses for the heavy syrup to be eliminated from part of my lunch. Sugar is an enemy of mine for many reasons, and that became more evident over the weekend when I overindulged.

I ate a piece of cake and some ice cream Saturday - the first blatant partaking of sugar I've had in a long time. That was precluded by M&Ms Friday and a bit of a cookie Thursday.

I was on vacation and so I had given myself mental freedom to bend the rules a little bit, so I did. I regretted it later, though.

On Sunday I felt like I needed to go to rehab, or at the very least detox myself.

My diet has made me look at sugar in a whole new light. Yes, it's not good for your teeth or any part of your body, but after you've taken a break from the addicting substance, you don't realize how much your body demands it or how horrible you feel while you're on it.

I know both of those things now.

Once I start eating it, I can't stop.
Once I start eating it, I feel horrible. Horrible.
It also makes me gain weight very quickly.

So I've decided it's just easier for me to stay away from it.

Granted, rinsing canned peaches might seem extreme just like reading labels might, but in the end, I think it'll be beneficial for me.

Actually, I know it will.


Kristin said...

You know you can buy peaches in light syrup or their own juice, right? :) Might save you a little time. Like squeezable apple sauce.

Chaotically Blissful said...

Just stumbled across your blog and just wish you luck on your weight loss journey. I've been doing the same thing for awhile, and I know it's tough... especially the sugar part! lol :)