Thursday, May 19, 2011

theory about looking like crap

Thursday is the day I look like crap, and I have a theory.

Monday, I want to kick off the week right with a shower, make-up, the whole nine yards. Who wants to go to work on Monday and look like you’re not prepared for the week? Because, I am always prepared for Monday. Always. As a matter of fact, I start getting ready for Monday on Saturday and Sunday. Seriously.

Tuesday, I’m still on the “I wanna look good” high from Monday, and so typically, I do. Except this Tuesday I didn’t shower because I started getting texts about bank robberies and police standoffs, so I forewent the shower to get to work early.

Wednesday is hump day, the middle of the week, the ‘only-two-more-days-to-the-weekend’ day and to celebrate that, I will adorn myself cutely.

Thursday, who freaking cares?

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Mary Zolene said...

Totally agree with this theory only my look like crap day is Wednesday. Wednesday night I get my act together to finish the week.