Monday, June 4, 2012

frustration in a shower rod and lovers in a river

My shower curtain and rod are laying on the floor of my shower mocking me. I couldn't get the damn thing back up after it fell after I tried to drape a towel over it after I'd rinsed off after taking the dogs to the lake.

I cursed and then dropped it. I don't need a shower tonight anyway. I'll worry about it tomorrow.

Perhaps this is as sexist and subsequently as offensive as a man saying, "Gosh, I'm hungry. I wish a woman were here to cook something for me," but I'm going to say it - I wish a man were here to hang my shower rod for me.

I'm tired. I'm hungry. I don't feel good. Hell, I'd even take a handy woman at this point.
And so now I'm officially whining.

But I don't wanna hang my shower rod.

And then I would tell my two-year-old self, "Life is really rough, isn't it? Suck it up."

Before the shower rod frustration, I was reflecting on what a great summer routine the dogs and I have established for ourselves.

For the past week after I've arrived home, I've donned my water shoes, shorts and a tank top, outfitted them with collars and leashes and packed their toy, and struck out for the river. Now that Tuck has learned to swim, he can't get enough of it. I tuck my phone in my bra, wade in to about thigh-deep and watch them romp and swim around me.

I have to alternate between the two of them fetching their toy or else all hell will break loose in the water. Tuck sits watchfully by my side while Skye retrieves the toy three times, but when I switch them out and she's restrained and he's fetching, you'd think I was killing her.

Tonight it was just us and then while the dogs were out swimming, a young couple walked by.

"Are they lovers?" asked one of them.

Um, heck yes, my dogs are lovers. Why else are they swimming together in the river at near-sunset?

By the time we get home, they're a bit more tired. I stake them out in the yard so they can dry off a bit, I step in the kitchen, strip my shorts off, shower off my legs, and go outside to pick my first batch of green beans for dinner. Before long dinner will be over, the dogs will be inside eating theirs, and we'll fall asleep sooner than later because this dog-momma's tired.

These are good summer nights.

Shower rod and all.

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