Saturday, February 13, 2010

"I have learned...

...that being with those that I love is enough."

I spent the past week with a lot of people I love and in a place that just...fits. If you've read here long enough, you know my struggles with 'belonging' in one place. This town in western Kentucky is one of the places I belong. Visiting (or living there) is easy and effortless.

On one hand, it felt like it'd been so long since I'd been there but as soon as I walked into Greg and Kristin's house last Thursday night, lugging my suitcase behind me, it felt like I'd never left (twice.)

I had death on my mind a lot last week and it changed my perspective on how I viewed my friends. We all got together at Jaclyn's house Friday night for our favorite pasttimes - GAME NIGH!- and as I was sitting there with a baby in my lap (there were FOUR there!) I withdrew myself from the environment and just watched. Watched my funny, edifying, smart, sarcastic friends. And I was just thankful.

These are women who have heard me say I didn't trust God and that I wanted to do things my own way. There is Kristin who said, "We just need to pray" and Sarah and Sabrina and Jaclyn and Kayla who prayed for me. Their husbands are my friends too and I appreciate that because one day when I take my man to meet them, I want Greg and Daniel and Bryan's opinion.

And their kids. I was worried last year when I left and they were so little that they would forget me. It helped me living there for several months in 2009 but it's also their parents who mak sure they don't forget me. :) I walked into Jaclyn's house and Luke (3) and Norah (1.5) were both in my face trying to tell me stories at the same time. Cate (2.5) was so glad to see me and cheer for the Racers together. Apparently she asks me about even when I'm not there. I love being loved by them.

Sweet Josey. She was so excited to see me. Walking into her house without knocking was normal and her looking up and realizing it was me was priceless. I can't enough of her.

One of my favorite things about everywhere I live is the sunsets. It's just not the same in any one place and the view from my friend Brooke's house is always spectacular. It's not the first time I've photographed it.

Being at her house is ... comfortable. We don't do anything major or important. We veg on the couch, we eat, we shop, we watch TV, we talk (a lot). This trip we decorated some in the baby's room and I photographed all the baby images from around the house. I love this kid, who's due to be born in April. Seriously. He's awesome.

Due to a massive snow storm, I was delayed in leaving Kentucky a day which gave me quality time with my friend Hannah and her family. We sat in a bar and talked about prayer, about faith, about living, about how it all fits together in our lives. Then when karaoke started, we left because we couldn't hear each other anymore.
When I finally arrived in Austin Wednesday night, my sisters were waiting for me with a sock moneky and I love sock monkeys!!! He is awesome.
What's even more awesome is my visit with my sisters who are indeed awesome. I was delayed a day getting home because my car had broke down while they were driving it. But as in every delay this whole trip, it was for a reason.

Did you know that everything happens for a reason?

Yes. Even delayed flights and friends who can't take you to the airport and friends who can. And flights you missed and your car being broke down.

It was all for an intricate purpose. For one conversation around dinner with my sisters that would not have happened if I had been able to adhere to my plan.

Remember that I love plans? And more importantly, my own plans?
Sometimes my plans are faulty. Sometimes, because of my lack of omnipotent power, I can't see what's around the next bend or what could happen if I altered my plans a little. This is shocking, I know.
What's not shocking is how when I submit to His authorship over my life and my plans, things happen.
Everything happens for a reason. And I can say that because I'm one of those people who's life hasn't been perfect or problem free.
But I can still say it.


randy said...

I'm glad you got to go visiting, Holly. Those are precious times.

Kristin said...

I loved having you here, especially at my kitchen table and with my kids.