Monday, February 15, 2010

I like lists

Today I:

- rode a horse for the first time in several months
- learned that I still have my horse whispering skills after subduing two of the beasts into submission (submission of being caught)
- had a very enjoyable ride with my brother and his girlfriend and my dog
- heard my brother brag about me, my college GPA and the fact that I went into college with no high school career
- got new PJs from my mom
- dealt with an incredible headache on the left side of my head that reverbrated in my teeth and jaw.
- watched The Bachelor with my sister, my mom and stepdad (and I really, REALLY want Tenley to be chosen)
- had rose petals thrown on me by my little brother
- woke up to a dog sleeping on the foot of my bed and another one going crazy when she realized I was awake
- glad to not be alone on the ranch anymore; it gets boring!
- sent a long email to a wonderful friend
- got a face full of smoothie when the spoon I was using to stir it hit the rotating blades

Yesterday I:

- slept for like 14 hours
- spent the day and night by myself
- tried to get things accomplished but didn't succeed very much
- watched a heavy intense fog settle eerily over the whole place. Maybe it was eery because I was alone.

Tomorrow I:

- will do chores
- not sleep in so late
- have school with a special someone
- go watch highschool basketball
- organize some more for the unveiling of my greatest project yet

I really like lists.

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Kristin said...

I really want Tenley to win too. Seems like he might have some hesitation next week. Oh, the drama ...