Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Me and Skye

You might remember me and Skye from here, shortly after we were united for life in a west Texas airport. Our bond has come a long ways since then and this past week it took a turn for the better when I collaborated with Jackson K9 to do some long distance obedience training. Tye recently announcd he's bringing back home visits and I dare to venture that with 1,203 miles between Weed, NM and Benton, KY, this is the longest-distance house call he's made to date. Hopefully not for long, though, as more people become aware that they can do this too!

After deciding that my original plans to get Skye involved in search and rescue wasn't going to work (I have no desire to be dropped out of a helicopter with my dog and a compass on a New Mexico mountain), I knew I had to do something. This dog needs a job.

That's what took me back to Jackson K9 for ideas, suggestions, direction and help. Based on Skye's out-of-this-world drive and my personality, we decided on obedience first and later personal protection and schutzhund.

I do not claim to be a dog trainer AT ALL. I get frustrated, I get impatient, I get mad, I speak in complete sentences and expect my trainee to know EXACTLY what I'm saying. And then do it. The first time. And then every time after that. You can see where this is going....straight to a disaster.

But after Skye and I's first phone-session with Tye last weekend, I actually had hope that I can do this. It certainly helps that I have a very willing and active participant. She l-o-v-e-s to work and is constantly waiting for my next command. And now that I have the support and guidance from Jackson K9 to know what command to give her, she's a much happier dog and I'm a much more confident pack leader.

You can follow our progress on the Jackon K9 Facebook page and here on the Jackson K9 blog.

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