Monday, November 8, 2010

Just get over it

If there's ever been a time in my life where I felt like a football player it was Saturday night when I was rolling around on the ground after spraining my ankle coming down my friend's apartment (outdoor) stairs.

Yes, that just happened.

Okay, so I have weak ankles anyway. But there were extenuating circumstances starting with 1) it was dark outside 2) I was wearing my boots and 3) the ground at the bottom of her stairs is uneven and not suitable for a perky trot coming off the landing.

Perky trot fail.

So usually when my ankles wipe out I never 1) hit the ground in a full-body roll or 2) stay on the ground in a full-body roll.

As a result, family came a-runnin'.

Don't let their initial concern melt your heart. Daniel stood over me laughing while asking, "Are you okay? Oh my gosh, Holly, are you okay?"

Mom wasn't laughing; she kept repeating something along the same lines.

And I held my ankle and leg and pounded my head in the grass.

Then, here it comes.

"Come on, Holly, just like playing football, you gotta get back up," I think it was Daniel who said that.

And one of the guys with us yelled, "Just like the Longhorns, Holly. You get back up!"

So I did. I mean, if the Longhorns have the courage to get out on the football field week after week then I definitely can put the pain of twisted ankle behind me.

In case you were wondering, I screamed when I went down. It was just one shrill shriek. I wonder if the Longhorns ever do that.

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