Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fat H, skinny H, curvy H

I've never been the kid who hated her name, or ever wanted to change it.

I have been the kid who noticed that 'H's are chunky, and I've lamented that fact over childhood and into adulthood. My brain is a ruthless place sometimes.

It was a month ago when I was writing news budget items on our white board that I was cramped for space and had to squeeze my first initial into the narrow column when I realized: 'H's don't have to be fat!

It makes me smile to write a skinny 'H' to represent myself.

Being goal-driven can be a scary thing sometimes, because instead of celebrating accomplishments (i.e., I've lost 50 pounds!), I lament the goal I haven't achieved (i.e. I still have 20 I want to lose).

So I'm celebrating my skinny 'H', but still keeping the curvy one in my sights.

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Amy Bushatz said...

:-) <---- that's how your blog makes me feel