Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Delayed Gratification

First, I must just say how very glad I will be when I am no longer sleeping on a floor but rather in my house in my bed with my dogs, which leads me into today's topic of delayed gratification.

I was supposed to move into my house this past weekend but on Friday at 6 p.m., my property manager called and said there was a delay. Her carpet cleaner had gone out to the house and said he could not shampoo the carpets because he was covered in fleas. He reported that the fleas had infested the carpets all the way down to the padding.

My PM said she called the owners and they were going to re-floor the house with tile. Since I had the cabin until Saturday morning, I spent Friday night there and went home for the weekend. The PM gave me a key to an empty apartment and told me I could stay there until the house was finished.

The status as of last night was that they are not going to re-floor the house, there are no fleas and the carpet cleaner just didn't want to shampoo the old carpets.

My move-in date is now tomorrow, hopefully. Laying on the floor in an empty apartment with rowdy neighbors and barking dogs is not conducive to sleeping. In addition to that, I've been living out of my car for two weeks now and I really, really, really want my house.

I really want my house.

Which leads me to today's topic of delayed gratification, something I've tried to live most of my life by. If you just go by emotion and the need to have something RIGHT NOW when you want it, you get it, you enjoy it for a minute and then that feeling is gone.

In my case, when I am able to move into my house, it is going to feel so good. I've been without a home for two weeks now. I want to nest. I want to decorate. I want to clean. I want to be home. I want my own bed. I want my dogs.

So when I am able to have all of those things, I will revel in them, enjoy them, savor them and remember the days when I didn't have them, which will make having them all the more sweeter.

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