Sunday, September 28, 2008

When the shower head falls off, it pours

You all remember the post about the dribbling shower.

I was cleaning the bathroom Saturday afternoon after the carpet guy came and laid carpet in the office, which is adjacent to the bathroom. While I was stocking the cupboard under the sink with toilet paper, I found a shower head.

Exciting! Maybe now I wouldn't suffer from Shower-Dribble. I screwed it on and tested it; wah-la! It worked.

After multiple hours of laundry, cleaning and rearranging, I decided to hop in the shower and get ready for my Saturday night of bull-riding and dancing.

The shower head, though old, was much better then the previous dribble.

I had my back to the water and was thinking about taking pictures at the fair, when I heard what sounded like a gun shot and then stinging spray hitting my back.

I screamed.
And hugged the back shower wall until moments later I figured out what had happened.

My Wah-la! shower head had been blown off. But it wasn't the whole shower head, it was just the face of it.

So I finished my shower with amazing water pressure, though it slightly stung, but no more dribble.

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Amy said...

How was the county fair????