Friday, September 26, 2008

Shower vs. Dribble

I made an observation to myself this morning as I showered at 1 a.m. trying to scrub off the paint and stain from my midnight project. It's not a complaint, I told myself, cupping the dribbling water and splashing it on my face. It's an observation.

I like showers. And I like showers that SHOWER. Not dribble.

But I have a dribbling shower. Oh well, looking on the bright side of things, it makes me slow down and enjoy my showers being that I have to wait 10 minutes for the hot water to turn hot and another 10 for the dribbles to saturate my hair.

I painted my living room last night. And stained the hardwood floor.
Then this morning I moved all the living room material that had been kept in the kitchen to the living room.
And I stood back and smiled. And sat on the couch. And admired my work.

I moved onto my bedroom; got the painting done and will do the floor tonight between work and well, work. Tomorrow that means I can unload all my bedroom stuff that has been kept in the laundry room to the bedroom.

Did I tell you I have a French door from my bedroom to the living room? I like it.

Also tomorrow the carpet people are coming to lay carpet in the office. Between them and the exterminator today, we should be bug-free, cat-pee-smell-free and the dogs and I can enjoy our long life there together.

I do have other painting projects I want to do but they can wait. The bathroom will probably be my next project being that my mirror is like this (-) big and my face/hair area is like this (---) big. And I need shelves. And a rug.

Can you believe I actually cleaned the house because the exterminator people were coming? I think that means I need more company...something. That's just sad.

In other news, the county fair is this weekend and I think I'm going tomorrow night to the bull riding and the dance afterwards. I can usually weather movies and well, most things alone but that seems a little daunting to me. I mean, it's a dance. But my alternative is sitting home with my dogs being old. So I think I'll venture out, go take some pictures, enjoy looking at the cowboys and tell you about it later.


Kristin said...

Wow. You've been productive.

Blessings From Above said...

You have been busy...hopefully you'll get to relax some this weekend.

I hate dribbling showers, but LOVE french doors!