Saturday, January 24, 2009

A lot about a little

This week was progress, progress I tell you!

(And here's the part where you say, "Oh, do tell!")

What started off as a week in complete misery with the flu, which does seem so far away, the week is ending on an up swing - at least so far as I can tell at 12:48 p.m. on a Saturday.

Our supplemental magazine is complete, as of yesterday. It will come out in all its publication glory on Friday, the 30th.

I'm currently composing the introduction to a series of mine that's suffered delay after delay but finally will see the light of day tomorrow. Yes, that's right. It's escaping the cobwebbed corners of my brain and actually seeing print. Don't act too surprised.

In the process, I have secured a lunch date with the marketing specialist for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture next Friday in a town 100 miles from me. I have also received an enormous amount of sources, more stories that need telling. Exciting, really, when you consider I've been here for a mere five months - and an out-of-stater, nonetheless.

I also had the exhilirating privilege yesterday of showing off my new German Shepherd at the sheriff's department. I do love this dog. And, of course, they loved her as well. I could tell they secretly wanted her.

The reason I was at the SO was not to show off Skye, although that did turn out to be a bonus. In fact, I was interviewing a lt. (I don't know how to spell the whole damn word) for a series I'm working on about violence.

So that goes down in the list of Things Holly Accomplished on a Friday.

Go me!

Oh, oh, and I also got a story for our education page Monday. And a picture. Now you can totally join me in the Holly Rocks Fridays dance. :)

But the productivity did not end there. No, no it did not.

Because when I went home, I cleaned my car. And picked up trash the dogs/puppies scattered in the yard. And wrote in my journal. And took a couple pictures. I sat on the porch and loved on the New Mexico weather. I played with the puppies. I fixed myself some dinner, watched 3 episodes of Lost Season 3 and some Friends, just for the comedy factor. They do make me laugh out loud...alone, in my living room, which could possibly be creepy but no one's there to care so away I laugh.

I also set up a lunch date with a friend on Wednesday and realized how thankful I should be that I know someone in Silver City to make a lunch date with. Oh, and the fact that I received another lunch invitation from one of the assistant principals. I am fortunate, I really am.

Later, I took a bath, read a little bit, got sleepy with Friends and turned in at 9:30. Yeah, 9:30.

And now, it's back to the ranching story. My creative juices are primed - I'm ready.

For your viewing pleasure, here are the "couple pictures" I took last night. You think there's a reason they call it the Black Range?

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Cate said...

Holly, I am impressed with you production on Friday. And I am way jealous of you backyard.