Monday, January 26, 2009

You're just like a wife

This is a riddle and I bet you don't know what the answer is.

What does Holly do on a Saturday afternoon when she's alone in her house and has exhausted LOST, Friends and any other form of television entertainment?

Brace yourselves.

She sorts her hang-up clothes and she counts the money in her Mexican piggy bank.

I bet you that you would not have guessed that.

But yes, it's true. Though I'm a generally laid back person, there are some pet peeves I do have. One of them is that the clothes hanging up in my closet need to be organized according to sleeve length. So we start out with sleeveless, moving onto short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve and finally, jackets. Oh, and I don't like empty hangers scattered throughout my clothes. And since pants don't have sleeves, they go in front of the shirts and scarves are hung up before pants.

Once I conquered the sleeves, I was bored again.

So I wondered from the laundry room, through the office and into the living room, where my eyes lit upon my Mexican piggy fully of glorious change.

I want to count it.

No, you can't count it - that defeats the purpose of a piggy bank.

But you know you wanna.

Yeah, I do. What the hell. I will.

After sorting the quarters into piles of four, the dimes in piles of ten, nickels in piles of five and counting the pennies by two, I reached the end.

Fifty bucks.

Fifty bucks in my Mexican piggy!

I put the piggy back on the shelf, saving the loose change for the day when I might, just might need to feed myself out of it. My piggy bank has fed me in the past so I'm a firm believer in keeping one around.

And this one's all colorful from Mexico.

Then I sat on the couch and thought (really thought) about what I'd just done. The fact that my Saturday life has come to sorting clothes in the closet and counting loose change.

I told Mom yesterday about it and her reaction was, as follows:

"You're just like a wife!"
ME: "Yeah, except NOT."
MOM: "No, that was a very wife-like thing to do."
ME: (laughing) "Okay, mom, thanks for trying to make me feel better."
MOM: "Well, you're not the only one who counts change. It's a very homemaker-ish thing to do and you have a home that you're making and it's really not weird. The weird thing is blogging about it the next day." (how well does this woman know me?!)
ME: (still laughing) "You're right, mom, because god only knows how long I'll be alone on Saturdays."
MOM: "Okay, now you're pissing me off."

Mom is so sweet, right?

No, she really is. She just doesn't like my (sometimes) negative attitude on being alone.

So there you have it, folks. If you believe in learning something new everyday, you just reached your quota for the day.


Kristin said...


And, just so you know, my closet is organized much like yours. :) Dresses and pants are on the left, then to the right are short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, then jackets. Sleeve-less shirts are in a drawer and scarfs and bags hang on the inside of the closet door.


And, I love that you blog about your ordinary moments and share the conversations you have with yourself.

I hate that you feel lonely, though ...

Amy said...

I organize by color! Thanks for lunch, it was so fun :)

Amy said...

Everytime I read these comments from the other Amy I think "when did I write that?!" and get really confused. Like right then I thought "when did she buy me lunch? Am I going crazy?!"
Thanks for the venting offer :-). I may take you up on that.