Monday, January 5, 2009

The Road One

Daniel, Elsie and Micah (hereafter known as The Kids) and I set out for Albuquerque Saturday morning for our fun weekend together. The trip was multi-multi-multi purpose.

Purpose #1 - sell puppies, which we did - we sold one
Purpose #2 - tour UNM's campus for Daniel, which we did...and loved
Purpose #3 - have fun, which we totally did!

I have lots of stories for you but I figured I'd start at the beginning with The Road (hereafter known as Satan.) I'm kidding...its real name is 152 so we'll go with that.

Now, I live off of 152 but I'd never been on the portion past my house. So I was slightly excited to explore new territory and have company with me to boot - driving alone all the time does get old.

Anyway, you remember the story in the Bible...about how Lucifer got jealous of God and God kicked him out of heaven. Okay.

Well, Lucifer came to earth in the form of 152. Not even joking.

According to Mapquest, we had to stay on 152 for 50 miles before getting on the interstate. So the first three or four miles of 152, we were all looking at the scenery, commenting on how beautiful it was, etc. After that, 152 sucked balls.

Maximum speed limit on 152: 25 mph. And that was on a "straight" stretch. Otherwise, it was more like, um, ten. And five.

I mean, who creates a road so twisted and so horrendous that it makes the driver (me) say, "There are so many opportunities to die on this road"?!

And there were!

We're talking no guardrails, torn up pavement, loose rocks, switchback after switchback and snow.

After five miles of twisting the steering left to right, left to right, just to stay on the road, I wanted to be anywhere then 152.

At moments like that, I'm convinced that New Mexico roads have this hidden agenda, this animosity and hatred to its travelers that they make you want to pull over and slit your wrists. Or beg for mercy. And ask them to STOP.

But they don't stop. They drag on and on and on and on in a seemingly unending pattern of sadistic driver-torture.

Put me out of my misery!

Here's how bad the road is: 50 miles. Two hours. It takes four hours to get from my house to Albuquerque. HALF of that is on 152.

To end my rant, here's a few pictures for you to bask in the wilderness beauty 152 takes you through and then dumps you in:

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Kristin said...

Gotta love New Mexico! I'm glad you didn't die!