Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Day in a Dealership

You know those moments when life is going exactly the way you want it to....

Okay, well, maybe not life in its entirety but your day, anyway.

Alright, you know those moments when your day is going exactly the way you want it to and then suddenly, from out of nowhere, you are completely blindsided by Fate, or Un-Luck, or maybe your shift cellanoid pack got clogged and decided to go on the fritz.

In my case, it was the latter.

I had my Friday planned to perfection and it was running like, well, like my car with an unclogged shift cellanoid pack.

I went to work, interview, back home, packed, loaded up the dogs, headed to Las Cruces where I had a haircut, a few minutes for shopping, three meetings with my bosses, a meeting with a source and then it was on to my mom's house where we had planned a Super Bowl/birthday party for my little sister.

But all the planning was for naught when my shift cellanoid pack got pissy with me and left me stranded on the side of the road, 54 miles from my house.

After feeling several moments of desperation and aloneness, I muddled my way through making decisions, calling the tow truck, etc.

Following are some pictures of what the dogs and I did for 7.5 hours while we waited for news on the car:

My poor car being loaded up and taken away. The two dogs and three puppies did ride in the car, on the tow truck, to the dealership.

While I listened to Dane Cook on my phone and monitored Facebook statuses, the dogs busied themselves with digging a hole - pure entertainment, I tell you.

Skye lost interest but Jada was determined to get on the other side of the fence!

Welcome to our 7.5 hour hangout spot. Skye watched for intruders while Jada worked on the hole.

Many, many times that day, Skye wondered why we were sitting in a desert parking lot and many, many times that day, I told her I had no idea.
The end of the story is:
- Car Mechanic One came and told me my transmission was "destroyed." I tried not to cry and asked why. "Valves get hot," he said.
- Car Mechanic Two said, "It's the clutches...clutches get hot."
- Amy and Christian came to get me
- I took my car to the Ford dealership, crawled over their security fence and shoved my key under their door.
- Got home at 8:30 p.m.
- Spent the weekend in wonder...alone.
- Heard from Car Mechanic Three yesterday who said it was my shift cellanoid pack - $500 and I'd be good to go.

Screw you, Car Mechanic One and Car Mechanic Two!

(they will SOOOOOO be getting a poignant letter from me)

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Amy said...

1. Cute pictures even though I know you had a sucky day.
2. Yeah Im not going to the gym today. Instead I am cleaning all the things I've been putting off cleaning. I definitely thought yesterday after the gym that maybe I was getting too far along to do the stuff I was doing ... it was fine while I was doing it but after was NOT fun.