Friday, February 13, 2009

Scenes from the office

Today I told everyone on Facebook that I loved hanging folders and filing cabinets. I later said I liked to have them color coded.

When I got to the office this morning and finished my triumphant task of organizing, I decided to take a picture for you. But then I decided to take pictures of other things around my office.

So here is the post. The post suitably dubbed Scenes From The Office.

Here is the proof the color coded filing system. Let me explain. Yellow is for things like Fire, Police Department, State Police, Fire, Sheriff. Blue is for things like city meetings, village meetings, hospital board, school boards x 2, elections, etc. Red is for court cases that we're following.
Also, do notice my Racer pride magnet on the front of the filing cabinet and also my magnet that says, "I only work here for the coffee, donuts and hot office gossip." I mean, that's really what it's all about, right?

These are the staple of my desk-top. Associated Press handbook, dictionary, myriad of phonebooks and a business card holder are the most important things....ever.

This basket really needs a name but it doesn't have one. Prior to my organization spree, it was overflowing with six months worth of story notes. In true Me-Fashion, I finally organized it, seperated the notes according to month, placed them in file folders and laid them down in the back of the filing cabinet. You really never know when they might come in handy.
Also note my card reader, which I do love.

I cannot have a desk without having Japanese Cherry Blossom body cream on it. If my hands are chapped, I will wait until I'm at work before applying lotion because I LOVE THIS LOTION!
My business card holder just hanging out. Incognito.

From the day I arrived in this office back in August of last year (seems so far away!) I've kept a paper from nearly every day in their respective piles. News. Sports. And on the other side of sports (not shown) is the weekly education page. This is when the other people in the office knew I was slightly neurotic about being organized and tidy. But man, these things come in handy!

Above me and to the right is a board with things like police codes and other blah, blah, blah, but mostly I use this board for personal effects. Like a picture of my favorite sports guys, my dogs, my sister and niece and a card Brooke sent me.

This is where notes and knowledge meet computer, meet NewsEditPro, and are shipped off to be added to tomorrow's paper.
Love my new phone!!

Calendar which keeps me sane and keeps me on track. This is also color-coded. Red are my appointments, blue is Sam's, black is our stringer photographer and highlighted days are days off.

And, just because, here's what the first part of next month's calendar looks like.

Bad picture but this is really my lifeline. Don't know what I would do without her. She always sits beside me here on my desk.

The board. Another tool of organization, which sometimes I keep up and sometimes I don't. But most of the time, we have outlined every day what we're going to run and this board helps us.
Plus, it's just fun.

On the wall to my right are gigantic maps of the various and sundry national forests around us. These come in handy when we're visiting ranches or when silly people get lost in the forest.
Also note the top of a three shelf organizer that sits on top of the filing cabinet. Bottom shelf is for community calendar items, middle shelf is for the education page and top shelf is for nothing in particular.

Another forest map, a state of New Mexico map and a state of Texas map. Under the New Mexico map is a map of city streets in SC.

The other side of my desk, which usually contains notes for stories I'm working on that day before they are transferred to the Unnamed Basket. One of my favorite pictures of Katie and I, a scanner that never works, all the necessary office stuff like paper clips, pens, highlighters, dry erase markers, etc.

The tour is over. Now you know what an organizational freak I am. (Now I know what an organizational freak I am.) Note: this tour did not include the drawers in my desk, which are still under Organizational Construction.

But, for peace of mind, my house nor my personal life is as color coded and organized as my office. Sam pointed out the other day that because of my behavior at the office, he expected my house to be the same way.

"But it's not," he said. "It's really not."

And he's right.

My house is really not.

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Amy said...

Yeah.. and my house always looks great but my desk never really did. Guess you gotta pick your battles ;-)