Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Me

- I always wash my laundry at night. I’ve written enough stories on saving energy to know that energy is conserved by washing clothes at night. Granted, this may be true for only those who are on city water, which I am no longer on, but it’s a habit nonetheless.
- I enjoy cooking meals for myself and creating an ambiance of relaxation while I eat.
- I always carry paper and pen with me no matter where I go. I never know when I’ll have something to write down.
- Likewise, I always have my camera with me.
- I don’t spend money hastily; I usually plan my spending, including my “splurges.”
- I can’t work unless I have some sort of organization to my tasks, which include to-do lists, file folders, cabinets and piles.
- I change my dog’s water when I see dog food floating in it, which is often.
- Cleaning my house is theraputic to me.
- When I set goals, I’m usually right on target to accomplishing them
- Nothing angers me more than when my family is messed with, which includes boyfriends, husbands, teachers, school superintendents, doctors and health administrators. I’ve taken on my fair share of all of the above.
- I have to nurture something, which might explain why I raise dogs.
- Subsequently, I would love nothing more than to be a mom someday.
- My age surprises me sometimes – most of the time, I feel very, very young.
- I have no problem admitting that I’m wrong but I also have courage to stand up for myself.
- I’ve cried in front of more people in the past six months then I have in my entire life. This includes people like tow-truck drivers, mechanics, the general manager of our paper…you get the picture.
- My optimism over-rides my pessimism 99 percent of the time. I can always usually see the good in the bad, even for other people. The other one percent of the time, I need other people’s optimism to carry me through.
- Writing is as easy for me as….breathing.
- I’m working on making my desire to be a teacher come true. Goes with the whole nurturing thing, I think.
- Not many people intimidate me on a professional level. I’d rather talk to governors, university presidents, homeland security officials, police chiefs, etc., than the cranky old women who come to my office complaining that their public announcement was printed without the crappy picture they submitted.
- I will make fun of ugly babies.
- Specific songs and smells conjure up a world of memories for me.
- The most difficult question for me to answer is, “Where are you from?”
- I hate talking to close-minded people; they make me angry.
- I’m a planner but I also love being spontaneous (if it’s planned!)
- Nothing puts me in bad mood quicker then people who waste my time – people like the DMV.
- I’m anal about shutting the lights off when I leave a room.
- I have no handy-man skills but that doesn’t keep me from trying. My tool collection includes a power drill, hammer, multiple pliers and screwdrivers, wire cutters, nails and screws.
- I can shoot a gun.
- I’m naïve enough to believe that most people are inherently good.
- I’m not afraid to load up the dogs and take off to explore new places.
- I can easily get addicted to stupid games like Brickbreaker. I try to see how many times I can beat my own high score.
- I’ve helped birth 26 puppies.
- I have more than one journal started and they all tell a story – the story of me.
- I have a tendency to walk/pace while I’m talking on the phone
- I’m told that I sleepwalk and talk in my sleep fairly frequently


Kristin said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who carries a notebook, pen and camera with me at all times. :) I organize tasks too would rather talk to governors and police chiefs than the regular people on the street who like to complain.

Your age surprises me too ... I always think you are "my age," which I realize is only five years older than you, but, still. Take that as a compliment. :)

I never considered myself nurturing.

I'm with you on writing! Among the reasons we're friends! :)

Songs take me back to specific moments too.

I used to keep a tally of my highest scores in Tetris. I'm really glad my phone doesn't have Tetris on it!

OK, I love your list!

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

I love this list and I really need to come for a visit...ACK! So many things to do!