Monday, April 6, 2009

Start and Stop

I have about three posts started but for some reason or another (you know, work and all the demands that go with it, on top of packing, moving, etc.) I have them all unfinished and despite their titles, I can't remember what they were going to be about.

So here I am - unemployed, sitting on my mom's couch, alternating between The Wedding Planner and Lingo, suddenly feeling creatively inspired when I remembered, ah, I have a blog for moments such as this. You know, moments when I have something to say, and I decide to blab it out to the whole world. Or, my world at least.

As entirely loser-like as I may sound right now (the whole unemployed/sitting on my mom's couch thing), it's really quite glorious. And my days of relaxation could not have come at a more appropriate time.

For those who don't know and as a reminder for those who do, I have Lyme Disease, which is a very cyclic illness that strikes at random but with precision-like skill. The symptoms have been plaguing me for the past 4 or 5 weeks now but the night I got to mom's house, they accelerated and right now, I don't like my body or the things it does to me during these times - the brick-wall fatigue that left me limping through Sam's Club and sitting in the truck while everyone else went into Wal-Mart, the random fevers, body aches, numbness on the right side of my body, sensory sensitivity, headaches, insomnia and on it goes.

So it's a good thing I'm able to sleep till 11, live life at a slow pace right now and enjoy being with family until this random cycle decides to pass and I have my energy, strength, and all other good things back.

In other news, my amazing German Shepherd killed one of my mom's sheep yesterday and I felt terrible. Skye took a liking to chasing them but apparently yesterday things got a little out of control and the ewe was left dead in the corral, with an expert bite and tear to her neck. Mom handled the whole situation very well and Skye is left to be tied up outside when she's not attended by me.

I've hit a rough spell with her, as far as attitude goes. She's like my rebellious teenager right now who needs direction, which is another good reason why I have unlimited amounts of time to spend with her in training. And the training is going well, really. Maybe not on the no-sheep-killing-side but on the sit, down, stay, find Micah side, all is great!

So here's my post for today. The battery on mom's computer is about to die so cheers for a peaceful Monday!


Kristin said...

Are you going to take back your comment that Skye likes kids?! :)

Mary Zolene said...

Wow...I thought the Shepherd part meant herding the sheep- not causing death.

Life as I know it said...

She does love children, really. It's the hunting trait that goes with the female Shepherds. Remember Sandy, Mary? Always hunting. I'm not really sure what happened here - she'd been chasing them and then I guess it got out of hand and that instinct took over. But now she's had that taste of blood/thrill of the hunt so I can't ever trust her with livestock.

Mary Zolene said...

Yeah- I just always thought Sandy was like that because she had been forced to live by herself and feed herself. Well hopefully Skye will behave better in KY where there are no sheep to chase.