Saturday, July 25, 2009


It's easy for me to get caught up in the details of how things possibly could work out that I forget the steps to get to that point.

Perfect example:

I'll start worrying about the logistics of a job (i.e. where I'll live, moving expenses, visiting family, is it the right decision?) before I even apply. So by the time I think, "should I apply for this job?" I've already fretted, stewed and worried about every possible thing you could fret, stew and worry about in a new job and I end up not applying.

Or, for a second, I say to myself: you haven't even APPLIED for this job, much less been interviewed, much less been offered it, MUCH LESS ACCEPTED THE JOB.

And then I yell at myself.

"STOP IT!!!!"


And rest well.

Rest well in His plan.

Remember? He's writing the story.

So why is the pen still in my hand?

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