Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleep while you can! Or just blog.

It's been an emotional two days.

But instead of taking a cathartic walk (only to be bombarded by skunks!) at 9 p.m., I decided to clean my room and blog. M-u-c-h safer.

And I'm going to blog about silly things, probably...not anything important or earth shattering or funny or well-written. You have been warned.

So Skye decided about three nights ago that jumping in the bed was now allowed for her. It never has been and for good reason in the form of two inch long black hair that she leaves behind her. But one night, three nights ago, she ended up there and I don't remember how. I know I didn't call her. I think I was just patting her head next to me and when I stopped she jumped up there.

Yeah, I let her stay there...for a few minutes. She has this thing about me. One of my friends called it "obsession" the other day. She sees me, she hears my car pull up, she hears my voice and she is beside herself in trying to get to me. Or at least to make sure I hear her, which I surely do because of the obnoxious and continuous whining, laced with a bark, that ensues.

There's something about them.

I know. They're just dogs. And yet, they fill something in my life. My need to nurture, to feel warmth beside me in the bed (thanks to Jada!), to have something/one sad to see me leave and happy when I come home.

We just click, I guess.

This post really wasn't supposed to be about my dogs...again.

We'll move on to tan lines.

I always start every summer with the determination to tan evenly and deeply. About two weeks in, I give up. So right now I have various scoops, lines, and strap tan lines, including the ever-classy thong-line on my feet from the ever-present flip-flops. My arms, chest and back always tan "nicely" but my legs never do, except for about six inches above my knees.

After said two weeks, I end up not caring and focus more on watching the children I'm in charge of at the pool or concentrating on drinking a beer and relaxing in the boat.

So, until next summer, when I restart my resolve, so long to the desire to even care to have an even tan.

I realized today I'll be 26 in less then two months. Nice.

And so now, I'm really tired but I shall move on to Facebook and my new and needy Farm Town where fields await harvesting.

I'm such a nerd.

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