Friday, December 11, 2009

As written 12/10/09

"Mom and I got into a huge argument on our way home," I announced to my brothers and sisters when mom left the room.

Simultaneously, Katie said, "I knew something was up" and Micah said, "It was so stupid - like two little kids fighting."

A definition of cabin fever is irritability so what can I say? She started criticizing my driving, I told her I didn't appreciate it and even veered to the shoulder with a cool, "If you want to drive, drive!"

"It was just like a couple fighting," said one of our witnesses, Micah. "So stupid."

"I just leaned back and went to sleep," said witness #2, Elsie.

Admittedly I was laughing in the drak while we drove in silence post-argument. It was quite silly.

But we're made up now.

We left the mountain yesterday for a trip to Wal-Mart for supplies. Our county is in a state of emergency what with no power and all. School's been out, along with our power, for the last two days.

We have power today but who knows for how long.

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