Monday, December 14, 2009

Man of the House

He's probably the only dog in New Mexico, maybe the United States, or even the world, who gets an apology whenever someone accidentally hurts him.
He's Zeb. He's old, he sleeps a lot, but he has been a part of our family for almost 11 years and he gets what he wants.
He was very angry and surprised tonight when, as he was sleeping in the living room, Elsie rocked own on his leg with the rocking chair.
He yelped and waddled over to lay in front of the couch, watching Elsie.
"Elsie, you hurt him!"
"I didn't mean to," she said.
"Go tell him you're sorry and make sure he's okay. Make sure you didn't break his leg!" said my little brother.
"You guys...."
"Elsie, you really hurt him and you need to make sure he's okay." That was my voice this time.
So she got up and went over to him, rubbed his head and told him she was sorry. He rested his head on her knee in forgiveness as she rubbed her hands on his legs to make sure he was okay.
Of course, he's fine.
And his trust in her must be restored. He's laying with his neck stuck under the rocking chair Elsie's sitting in again.
"Watch out for Zeb, Elsie," warned Micah. "He's under the rocking chair again."

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