Friday, February 4, 2011

Tough Cookie

I could copy and paste it, but instead I'm directing you here to read my newspaper column this week FOR SOME EXCITING NEWS!!

Go read it, and then come back here. Hurry now!

Okay, so now you know I'm 'competing' in the 2011 Tough Cookie Duathalon!!!

!!!!!!! what am I thinking !!!!!!!!

I'm telling myself I'm going to be alright with just crossing the finish line. But if truth be told (and I like telling the truth) it'd be freaking awesome to break a record!

Freaking awesome? Yes.
Likely: No.

Family members are laying bets on how fast I'll run my 1.6 miles. My brother's (offensive!) guess was 20-something minutes. For 1.6 miles!

After the half-mile I ran last night, it's a completely reasonable guess.

I was winded, but not bad. But I really had to coax myself through the last three-tenths of the brutal half.

I'm *trying* to take it easy while also realizing I have 30 days to "get ready."

The possibility of me dying through this process is likely, though as a friend reminded me yesterday, I was born dying. So why not speed up the process by tripping and falling on the tread mill, which didn't happen last night, but probably will by the time all's said and done.

I'm not the most graceful of athletes.

Oh, speaking of athlete, upon successful completion of the race, I will forever and always want to be referred to as Holly: The Duathlete.

"Hi, do you know my friend Holly: The Duathlete?"
"This is my Duathlete Daughter Holly."
"Meet my 90-year-old duathlete grandmother, Holly."

Eeeeek!!! I'm so excited.

Special thanks to all my super-athletic friends who've given me splendid advice over the last 30 hours and have helped me modify my already-extremely-modified diet for proper protein, carbs, etc.

Oh, AND!! I'm so excited for EVERYONE who's going to race WITH me, including two, maybe three sisters, my brother's girlfriend, a couple friends and a couple coworkers.

And love to my mom, who even if the sun goes down and I still haven't crossed the finish line, I know will still be waiting for me.

Now, enough of the mamby-pamby sentimentalism. Time to get down to business for this Tough Cookie.


Kristin said...

So proud of you ... for deciding to do this, and, really, for many, many other reasons. Life is about living our our stories. This is a good one!

Amy Bushatz said...

Get out there and run outside as soon as the weather lets you. Treadmills are boring and nothing like the road.
Also: let's note that when I started running about this time last year 2 miles would've taken me about 22 minutes. I now run just under a 10 minute mile over 10 miles. Heck yes! Still not fast but loooong.

Nina said...

Very cool! You'll fall in love with it! Besides Tough Cookies are great to train with - that's what I have heard! You will have to keep us posted about your training. Enjoy the workouts!!!!!