Tuesday, July 27, 2010

36 things every single girl should do...

I recently read an article that listed 36 things every single girl should do before they get hitched/tied down/married/restricted/ball-and-chain/what have you.

The list is awesome. And the fact that I've done very many things on this list, makes me wonder if my life of singlehood could be coming to a close. I mean, after all 36 things are completed what else is there?

Of course, I'm joking. I've never been nor never will be a desperate single, sniffling about my singleness, scratching my head wondering when it will end, or crying in my milk that I have no one (NO ONE!) to share my milk with. There's more to life, yes? (and everyone shouts) YES!!!

But for your reading pleasure and my writing pleasure, here's the list and my narrative.

1) Go to a movie alone, which I have done. And I've blogged about it too but for the life of me I can't find it. But really, going to a movie alone sounds simple but it's really not. It takes courage.
2) Lift weights. I haven't lifted weights per se but I have worked out like crazy in another life of mine.
3) Try something you don't already know how to do. Check.
4) Take out the trash, set a mousetrap, do your taxes, build a bookcase. Check, check, check and check. Setting the mousetrap was probably the single most scariest experience of my life. Building a bookcase was incredibly frustrating. Trash and taxes - no problem.
5) Live alone. Been there, done that, would prefer to never do it again.
6) Train for (and finish) a huge physical test. Done it - in the form of the Ultimate Body Challenge before my body went ape-shit on me.
7) Go to a scary doctor's appointment by yourself.
8) Quit your job. Uh-huh. I did. Scary stuff but I'm glad.
9) Fly to a foriegn country by yourself.
10) Learn to stand up for yourself. Can't say that's a problem for me.
11) Witness something once-in-a-lifetime. I'd say gliding was pretty once in a lifetime for me.
12) Revel in being able to watch all the reality TV you want. You don't have to tell me twice. While most reality TV is highly annoying, I do have my indulgences.
13) Get drunk, during the day, just because you can. Have I ever told you about those summer days riding horses for 8 or 9 hours a day? Yeah....
14) Go on a date with someone who actually makes you nervous. what if every date makes me nervous?
15) Go out with an older man. Okay.
16) Go out with a guy who makes you laugh.
17) Be a good wingwoman. I love my friends.
18) Chill with your widowed and single grandmother.
19) Volunteer. Yes, of course. No feeling like it in the world.
20) Do at least one Valentine's Day alone. Yep. I've learned to treat myself to things I want - fresh flowers, jewelry...
21) Attend a wedding alone. Yes! Oh man, I'd forgotten about those experiences.
22) Date the creeps. While I haven't dated the creeps, the creeps have found me. So I think it counts.
23) Buy yourself some flowers. Used to be a once-a-week ritual
24) Buy a little black dress and stilletos. I have bought a little black dress and cowboy boots, which are like stilletos for me. And no, I didn't wear them together.
25) Sit at a bar and drink a martini by yourself. This is actually FUN! Who would've thought?!
26) Buy something frivolous and expensive.
27) Finish all your schooling if you can. (I still want my Ph.D)
28) Throw yourself into something time-consuming. How about my career?
29) Make a list of all your faults.
30) Learn to cook well. Must say, I'm a pretty damn good cook.
31) Get some hobbies. I love my hobbies.
32) Let your married friends edit your online dating profile. Okay, while they haven't edited it, my best friend and sisters and brothers have certainly helped me browse.
33) Get your finances in order. Workin' on it.
34) Babysit someone's baby for an hour. Consider it done.
35) Help a friend through her divorce or break-up. I've had my shoulder cried on.
36) Host a girls-only night. I love to!

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Anonymous said...

I love this list! There are so many things on it that are, I think, pretty integral to "growing up." I love how many you've done! I wonder if it says much about me that I've done a lot of these things when I was married to Aaron...maybe it at least says something about the relationship :P