Sunday, July 18, 2010

Living the Adventure

Life isn't about getting everything right the first time, says the optimistic perfectionist.

Sometimes it's about getting home and realizing the 30 minutes you spent standing in the underwear aisle at Wal-Mart were wasted because while you were trying to remember what kind of underwear you buy in the first place, your granny-panty heart was drawn to, well, granny panties (a.k.a briefs) but you didn't know that until you got home and unpackaged all 12 pair. And since you're too lazy to package them back up and exchange them for hipsters or low-risers or thongs or boy shorts or hi-cuts ... you keep them. You keep them all.

And, for S's and G's, you accidentally spill your cup of spit-out sunflower seed shells on the floor while writing this.

Who said life was boring?

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