Friday, July 9, 2010


I like making fun of people. Whether it's the stripper boots at my brother's graduation, the fashion violation at the bowling alley or...myself, I do enjoy laughing.

It's not polite and it's not nice, I understand this.

But to curb my public display of laughing out loud at strangers is my family who provide me with many opportunities to laugh.

Like on Wednesday when Mom came into the kitchen and announced with gusto, "Well, it's humpback day!"

Or today when, as we were approaching the Border Patrol checkpoint, she said, "Once we get through the check-out point....."

"Mom, we're not at Wal-Mart," I interrupted. No, I do not let mocking opportunities like these go by.
My blunder topped it all off, though. And feel free to laugh because I laughed at myself to the point of tears.

When walking towards the back door with Mom's keys in hand, I hit the 'unlock' button on her truck key ... and I fully expected the back door to open. When it didn't, I was confused.

So. Laugh at yourself, laugh at others, laugh just because!

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