Sunday, October 31, 2010

Faces of Bowling

We spent an afternoon in a bowling alley.

Sometimes we're coordinated for pictures. Sometimes we're not.

Sometimes Daniel wants to demonstrate his wingspan and pretend he's a giant bird.

Sometimes we're normal. And sometimes Katie just has that look on her face.

Sometimes Mindy throws a strike and is happy about it.

Sometimes Elsie isn't happy about her toss.

Sometimes it's just not a good night for bowling.

Sometimes it is.

Sometimes it's not.

Sometimes all you have to do is smile regardless of the gutter ball.

Sometimes the walk of shame is best done with your head down.

Sometimes with your hands in the air.

Sometimes some people don't want to bowl.

Sometimes you don't understand.

Sometimes you have to wear a poker face.

Sometimes you can't hide nothin'.

Sometimes the whole world has to know and sometimes you have to use your scary face.

Sometimes you're just happy.

Sometimes a good roll to the pins becomes a touchdown.

Sometimes you can't look.
Sometimes you surprise yourself.

Sometimes it's a wish and a prayer.

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