Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm a girl. And I genuinely like football

I go crazy over football. I can make calls before the ref does, and sometimes when I'm in public I silently fist pump in victory or grab my head in defeat. I record games and then watch them, after sending out a text/Facebook blast to NOT tell me the score, which has definitely happened.

I don my team's shirt and drag my little brother to dinner with me - in front of a TV and we sit there for four hours and watch the game.

We play "name that quarterback" and sometimes I win. When I find out that a major trade or contract has been renewed/denied, I text my brother and we gossip about it. I read the sports page of our paper.

I think it's cool that I like football, that I understand the game.

But it's not cool for every girl.

I'm talking about the girl who's not really a fan of the sport, but pretends to be so that some unsuspecting fool will think he can spend every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday indulging in his favorite pasttime with her at his side. But it's fake. The cute little Victoria's Secret jersey is fake. The eye paint is fake. The ribbon in the hair is fake. The hoodie is not real. It's bait. And when you bite, she's going to take it away.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

But maybe you're one of the lucky ones. One of the guys who actually gets the genuine football fan girlfriend/wife.

The one who thinks that going kidless to live sporting events is a date, and that her team-emblemed blanket is the best birthday present.

I'm glad I have cool football-freakish girlfriends who fit the latter category. Let's talk some football.


Kristin said...

I've been on those kind of dates ... and I like them! :) And I also refuse to wear any pink version of a team's shirt.

Emminim said...

I love this like a million times!!!!!

Unfortunately our channels are limited when it comes to football so I have to rely on my espn mobile app on my phone for updates on my teams (Broncos and Packers)

Dad and I were talking the other night, we much prefer college ball over professional, so much more exciting. Did you catch the Notre Dame Vs Michigan game?

randyalan said...

I think it's cool too, Hol!! Actually, I think you're pretty cool.

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

The only redeeming quality about summer coming to an end is the beginning of football season and watching the Pats dominate once again ;)