Sunday, April 29, 2012

the tale of two coats

Somewhere around the fall of my junior year in college, I wanted a puffy winter coat. They seemed to be in, and I wanted to splurge. So I bought this one for $80 at Maurices and put it on my credit card.

Earlier this winer, I wanted a black and white fitting coat and found one on clearance at Walmart. I paid $13 cash for it.  

It's a tale of two lifestyles, exemplified in coats.

Like most, I have credit card debt. It's ugly, it's burdensome , it's not as bad as some, but it exists.

My feelings about money have changed a lot in the past two years, one year, and the last 6 months. It's MY currency, which is a liberating realization. I control where it goes and what it gets spent on.

I've never been a big spender or an implusive shopper. As a matter of fact, people have had to remind me that "you can't take it all with you," but the two coats resemble a shift in paradigm. From the "I'll get it now and put it on a credit card to pay later" to "I'll wait for the best possible price and then pay cash."

As a result, I've never driven flashy vehicles, nor have had I had the most expansive of wardrobes. If you were to come into my Cottage, you would be greeted by simplicity, homemade furniture and things exactly as I need them.

I've never been one for extravagance so when I needed a fridge, I bought a semi-mini one I found on Craigslist for $25. When I needed a bookshelf, I built one. A dining room table? Built that too. I wanted a headboard so I made one. I currently don't have need for a stove, so I cook everything in a Crockpot. My desk is currently a fold-out table and my loveseat was stored in my mom's garage. I go grocery shopping twice a month and rarely eat out.

For me, it's been about finding confidence in managing my money and then making the most out of what I have.

And I've been blessed in the process.

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