Thursday, April 12, 2012

where have I been?

I've been watering my plants and hoping they're not dying.

I've been to a funeral, and I've been in a courtroom.

I've been sitting on a picnic table, thinking, and I've been working 13-hour days.

I've been stressed and I've been sad. I've been mad and I've been reflective.

I've been losing my desire to bite my nails and I've been eating veggie subs.

I've been streaking my hair and showering.

I've been watching House and brewing coffee.

I've been working 13 days in a row and I've been tired.

I've been in meetings, I've been producing newspapers, I've been hanging out with my dog.

I've been opening bottles of wine with hammers, and I've been calling my dog to lie next to me.

I've been planning and organizing, emailing and writing.

I've been grieving with those who have lost, and I've been laughing with others who are laughing at me.

I've been bad, I've been avoiding exercise and eating M&Ms. I've been worried, I've been in pain, I've been meditating.

I've been thinking in bed too much.

I've been having brain farts and I've been honest about them. I've been chopping scorpions in half (in my Cottage) and I've been throwing their bodies outside.

I've been bad at being here, and I've been blessed beyond measure with the friends in my life.

I've been good.

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