Monday, July 23, 2012

creating and resting

I emailed my life coach yesterday: "Is it normal that I'm perfectly content to stay in my house all day on a day that I have off? ... it makes me happy to write, blog, read, clean my house, listen to music, cook and not speak to a lot of people on a day that I don't HAVE to go anywhere. Does that make me antisocial?"

And then somewhere between me crawling in bed and turning off the lamp, after I'd hit 'play' on the DVD player and finished Rob Bell's "Everything is Spiritual" message, I had my answer.

Not only is it normal, it's what I was created to do.

Creating and resting.

It's a rthymic seasonal thing, not an accident.

Create for six days. Rest for one.

It's not antisocial, or abnormal. It's what we're wired for.

Create. Rest. Replenish. Restore.

Fill yourself up to go back out and create for another six days.

We're all creating different things. I'm creating a tangible product every day, but you might be creating school lunches, or inspiring creativity among coworkers, your kids.

We all rest in different ways. For me, I write, listen to music, clean, cook, water my garden, play with my dogs. You might meet friends for a drink, or go to a concert, or spend two hours in the gym.

In any case, we are all creating.

And we all need rest.

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Emily said...

Yes! A wise woman I know says "play until you feel like resting, and then rest until you feel like playing." :-)