Saturday, March 23, 2013


I was trying to find The UPS Store yesterday in an unfamiliar town. I drove around a block three times, I made for-sure positive I did not travel the wrong way down one-way streets, and I nearly returned home (errands un-done) out of frustration. Instead I called The UPS Store and asked what they were located next to, and the landmarks helped. Then I walked into the store and the fresh-faced college students made me feel old and slightly less awesome.

I texted a friend: "I want to go home and take my bra off," which is like saying, "I want to go home and eat a pint of ice cream," or "I want to go home and watch a Real Housewives marathon."

It wasn't until I was driving around the unfamiliar Texas town square yesterday that it dawned on me: you moved.

Sure, I'd done all the things required for a move - change of address, shut off the electricity, put my stuff in storage - but the reality of it didn't register till I was wandering in a different town feeling old and disoriented.

This was one of my simpler moves, and one of my most favorites because I didn't move too far from the people I dearly love in my old place, and in my new place I have an existing network of friends.

So may the record state that Holly has moved (and some of you will add an exaggerated again).

I'm an Austinite now.

Well, kind of.

I'm an around-Austinite.

(and if you want my new address and we're tight like that, email me for it.)

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