Friday, May 3, 2013

lowered expectations

I used to mistakenly think that I could get somewhere on the first try.
Not figuratively. Literally.

I've been on my way to Chicago and nearly ended up in Memphis. Family and close friends s-p-e-l-l o-u-t directions, especially if they want me somewhere on time. If I'm going somewhere new (like a restaurant, coffee shop, or trying to find Office Depot), I Google directions before I leave the house, or whip up some Mapquest action. Yes, there are people who still use Mapquest. Me.

I will actually head in the opposite direction on an interstate because I've absentmindedly lost track of my directional faculties and will end up having to do the little loopdie-loop under the highway to get back on track.

It's now an expectation of mine.

And I've found a lot of freedom in expecting to turn around at least once when I'm headed in a new direction.

Literally, not figuratively.

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