Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facebook Freak

You know you're on Facebook too much when.... hand your empty hot-apple-cider-cup to your brother and ask, "Will get me an update, please?"

Yeah, that was me. Total blooper moment.

So...for those of you who aren't on Facebook, this was my status last night: :cookies are baked, presents wrapped and the puppies and their crapping mother are outside tonight. for the record, jada will hate me in the morning. HATE me.

The part we're going to worry about now is the part about the puppies and their crapping mother and how badly she was going to hate me.

I can count on one hand the number of nights Jada's spent outside, away from me and the comfort of my down comforter-laden bed. But she'd crossed a line.

Pooping and peeing in the office at night, which, for your information, the office is the only carpeted room in the house. The first time was okay, I could understand that it might be an accident. The second time was because apparently I didn't let her out in time and the third time was more than enough.

The puppies have been hanging out on the porch during the day so last night I moved their big pen onto the porch, threw their blankets in and bid them good night. I put their mother in with them.

No more poop/pee to clean up.

I went to bed but I could her pissed-offness on the porch. Whining. Scratching at the pen. But I was heartless and fell asleep.

I was up at 6 this morning to finish my baking. I let her out of the pen and she ran in the house to get a drink of water. I'd laid back down in the bed and was listening to her drink. Then nothing. And she didn't come jump on the bed.

You've got to be kidding me!

About the time I jumped out of bed, she was finishing up her gigantic morning piss in the office. Then she strutted outside.

She won't be sleeping outside tonight.

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