Friday, December 12, 2008

Popping in to say.... feet are cold and the dogs are annoying me.

I love puppies, don't get me wrong. But until the last one leaves I'll be getting up multiple times through the night, listening to crying and trying not to allow their smell to permeate my entire house.

Until they're three weeks, I'm fairly lenient. After that, it's fair game. And this morning was the breaking point.

It wasn't the puppies who sent me over the edge. It was their mother. She had to go numerous times last night and when, at 5:30 this morning, I didn't want to let her out anymore, I didn't. So she shit all over the office. Not exactly her fault, I know. But still, very frustrating.

I laid blankets down on the porch, hauled them all out there and put up the baby gate. I told Jada that if she ran away, she might deserve to after keeping me up all night and leaving me unpleasant surprises. But in all reality, she won't run away. She can't jump the fence and she won't leave her babies.

Yes, it's kind of brisk outside but it was nearly 60 degrees when I left so I'm not too worried about them getting too cold. I'm more worried about Jada knocking over the baby gate and puppies roaming all over the porch.

And yes, my feet are cold.

Very cold.

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