Thursday, December 18, 2008

Neighbors and Geese

I actually wrote this blog title down so I wouldn't forget to blog about's that important. While I don't usually like blogging twice in one day, this has to go online.


I've been slightly worried that the puppies barking and whining and carrying on will be some sort of disruption to my neighbors who aren't all that close but close enough to hear six puppies screaming bloody murder. So I'm careful to tell them "shhhhhh" when they start to cry in unison and if one really won't shut up, I bring it inside and lecture it about being a good puppy and a good neighbor and all that.

They listen really well.

Payback is a bitch, or so they say, and while I have no real complaints about my neighbors there have been plenty of nights I've been kept awake by their howling and yakking dogs. I haven't complained, though, because, I mean, they probably do deter unlovely wildlife from hanging around our area and let's face it, my dogs aren't perfect either. (see post below.)

So we have this silent agreement (in my head, anyway.) Your dogs bark, my puppies squeal. We'll call it even.

Two nights ago, it was so not even.

I had all my children tucked quietly into bed and I had dozed off myself. The neighbor's dogs had called a truce with whatever it is they bark at constantly and had gone to sleep.

Ya'll (yes, I spelled that intentionally), wouldn't you know it, it was the damn geese that scared the ever-lovin' out of me?!

I sat up straight in bed and tried to figure out what in the holy name of Mary and Joseph was making such a horrible racket.

Apparently, the geese had a quarrel. May the loudest one win.

But it's completely unfair. I don't have geese. My geese can't compete with their geese. We can't have geese-squealing-in-the-middle-of-the-night contests.

I give. You win.


Brooke said...

oh, maybe you could add a few geese to the family. they are really cute when they are small =)

Mary Zolene said...

Let them keep their geese...I think they are scarier than dogs!!!