Saturday, August 28, 2010


Will is a new dog to our family and he loves us. He also loves water and running away. Inadvertently, he taught me a lesson this morning.

I took him out with me (and the four other dogs) this morning on a beautiful Texas morning with no humidity. I know his love of water and I also know that his fat ass can't make it under the fences. So I opened the gates to the pasture for him and tried my darndest to get him to go through.

He didn't get it.

He just looked at me with those big brown eyes and trotted off. And kept trotting. And trotting.

Will is not content to stay in the fenced-in acreage we have. If there's a hole in the fence, he will find it. Never mind the fact that a 1,000 gallon (that's a total guess!) water trough is waiting for him or that I'm trying to get him into it because I know he'll love it. He doesn't pay attention to the four dogs who want to play with him or the fact that I'm calling his name.

Regardless of the lifestyle he has at our house, he wants on the other side of the fence.

I managed to call him back about 15 minutes later and he followed me around for about two seconds. Then he trotted off again through a familiar-to-him hole and away he went.

I finished what I was doing and came inside. About a half-hour later, I saw his lazy self on the front porch. I went outside and caught him putting his two front massive legs into the tub of water we have on the porch for the dogs.

He completely missed the point that I'd been trying to coax him into the 1,000 gallon water trough that I know he loves. Instead, he was willing to settle for sticking his front legs in a dirty tub.

If only he'd listened to me.

If only I'd listen to my Master. How many times has he tried to coax me into something he knows I love and want but I'm convinced my own way is better? I'd rather settle for a fraction of the blessing he had in store for me if I'd just followed. I'd rather find a hole in the freaking fence then stay in the acreage of his luxury.

I don't think my animals will ever stop teaching me.

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