Friday, August 20, 2010

car issues

This was my car .... today

Towed from the driveway.
How lame is that.
At least one year, six months and fifteen days ago we broke down on a desert highway outside of Deming, New Mexico with five dogs in the car who yes, did ride on the tow truck too.
(makes for a muuuccchhhh cooler story)
In front of the garage.
Who has to have their car towed from the front of their garage?
Because my car hates me.
I abuse all vehicles.
And then write about it.
And when mechanics make me cry, I write about that too.

But today I don't have anything awesome to write about.
Other then to say that my car wouldn't start this morning.
I got a free tow (thanks USAA!)
End of story.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I've had to have mine towed from the front door before. And right now, mine's in the shop because it needs a new engine. The old one had 51,000 miles on it? WTF! It's a Nissan!