Saturday, August 21, 2010

back-to-school shopping!!

Today we back-to-school-shopped and we had a blast. And I, despite my disdain for malls and shopping in general had a genuinely great time with my family. I think it's because I loved seeing my little brother and sister so excited and so appreciative of our day. It was great.

I even had the pleasure of forcing my mother into a Victoria's Secret fitting room and buying her first VS bra! She's converted forever. She won't ever go back to JCPenny bras. I promise you.

Evalyn was treated like royalty (of course) and even got to ride the escalator down and then back up. I was too chicken to put her on it so I handed over the stroller driving to Daniel and he and Micah managed it just fine.

She even took a nap in the mall. What a trooper.

When we got in the truck to leave, Daniel said:
"Well, the two things I needed for this to be a great day happened. Evalyn was in a great mood and Holly wasn't a bitch....not one time did she ask 'are we almost done?', 'is it time to leave yet?'"
And he's right.
I didn't ask one time.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics, Holly.