Sunday, October 23, 2011

hanging out with the old man

We've been through many seasons of life together, and despite the several seconds it takes him nowadays to get up, he moves as quickly as he can to keep up with me. I like to think that when I walk in the door, his eyes light up.

He's slowing down - I'm not deceiving myself. Last weekend, he got incredibly stiff and I had to help him get up every time he needed to. But he walked it off. This weekend he is slow, careful, but still the boss.

When I sit with him on the floor, the other dogs walk a wide circle. He might not move as swiftly as he once did, but he has a persona of power, and when it comes to my lap, he rules. After nearly 13 years, it's unspoken.

I was 15 when he came into our lives and today's hanging out session is similar to what we did for days on end all that time ago. Sitting, petting, sleeping, resting.

Mainly, being friends.


randyalan said...

I thought you were talking about me, Actually, I was wishing it could be me. Love you kid. Oh yeah, give the old man a pat on the head for me. I miss him too!!!!!

The Logarithmic Spiral said...

I love this. Animals awaken such an integral part of love within us that I never experienced until I met/have Toki. And the best part: He's now more loyal to me than to my ex. Win :)