Sunday, September 9, 2012

5K #2

Two months ago I started running and since then I've completed two 5Ks. If I can do it, you can too.

This race was more difficult from last month's, and easier at the same time. The route was mostly on an incline with steeper uphill portions (and downhill too) and nothing like anything I've run on before. The easier part was that I was more familiar with my abilities, so I paced myself early on (start slow, finish strong), and mentally attacked the hills before I physically arrived.

Do you see this person?
She's the best running-support-friend anyone could ask for not to mention she's a great friend when you're not sweating your ass off. She rolled out of bed with Lily and met me about 10 minutes into the run. Lily pulled me up a couple hills. :) She helped keep me on track with my time goals, which I ended up not making. I was 90 seconds off from my time goal, but finished in 38:35, a solid 3 minutes faster than my last one. I barely walked any, though my pace obviously slowed considerably.

Maybe I should mention here that I was running with a cold, so I should be happy with my improvement (said running friend).

I was so glad to run this race with colleagues and friends! There were seven of us and we all finished strong!

Now when's the next one?

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