Monday, September 24, 2012

{be} the inspiration

Someone told me I've inspired them to start training for a 10K.
Others have run their first 5K with me.
Families are hiking at places I recommend, and friends are joining me in exploration.

I'm learning you don't have to be the best {or the skinniest, or the most fit} to be an inspiration. You just have to be willing to lace up your shoes every day and be an example. Be the one who says: today is the day, and let's do this together.

Be vulnerable.

I had a big vulnerability moment Friday. I'd taken my workout clothes and shoes with me to work with the intention of running in a new-to-me park, sans Tuck. He was still recovering from a pulled muscle, but I'd committed to running a long run without him.

I didn't want to do it. And then the old tapes started in my head, and a new one even joined the reel.

"You can't run without Tuck. Now people are going to be looking at the fat girl trying to run, instead of at the beautiful dog she's running with."

Tuck was my running crutch. Inspiration, yes. Security blanket? Apparently!

I ran anyway in what was a defining self-esteem moment for me.

We are all drawing our inspiration from someone, something. I get mine from my host of athlete-friends who encourage me, answer my questions and exemplify an aspiration.

Somewhere in the inspiration chain, I fit in, and you do too. Just think: if I'm inspired, and you find me inspiring, and someone is inspired by you, when will it stop?

It's like the wave, only better.

It's a wave of health and fitness and we're all part of it.

Question is: are you sitting down, or jumping to your feet with your hands in the air?

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