Wednesday, September 19, 2012

it's worse than Christmas morning

There's a feeling I get if you ever leave me in a vehicle while you "run inside real quick." I feel suffocated. The longer you take, the more I want to vomit, and the longer you continue to take, the more pissed off I get.

The moral of that story: don't leave me waiting in a vehicle for a long time. Probably some suppressed childhood memory.

But then there's real life, and real life, coincidentally, involves a lot of waiting, and I am not a good waiter.
I want results, action, a plan, Yesterday would've been even better.

Life doesn't work like that. It's more about the moments, the journey, the stitches in time that create a masterpiece.

And I'm over here drumming my fingers. Can we plllleeeeeeaaasseeeee get this show on the road?
And Life's like, "No, wait just a little bit longer."

One of my friends told me yesterday: "Think about where you've come from and also realize that improvements come in minute increments! It all adds up over time...enjoy the process!"

Ah, enjoy the process.
Process enjoyed. The plan, please? Results?
Enjoy the process. 

My life coach told me Tuesday: "This is your waiting time, but in the waiting time, identify the perfect things in your life right now..." and there are so many.

You see, this waiting time is more about the anticipation of what's coming and the suspense is killing me. I'm not unhappy, I told a friend. I'm restless.

Change is in the air and I want to know what it is!  

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