Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day spoiler

I'm cold. I got four hours of sleep last night. And the DMV Lady made me thoroughly angry this morning.

These three things combined means that I'm slightly ill tempered this morning and you probably don't want to place a stupid phone call complaining about why one certain thing gets more coverage over another.

Because, when I'm cold with only four hours of sleep and the residue of anger still residing on me from the DMV Lady, I'm not likely to be very nice.

So I sit here, with my unattractive farm jacket keeping me warm over my somewhat attractive work outfit this morning, sipping coffee that only has creamer in it being that we ran out of sugar earlier in the week and I continue to forget to bring more.

It's at moments like these, when the world is seemingly crumbling at my feet, that two things happen simoltaneously:

1) I want to complain REALLY BAD
2) I want someone to understand and then I want that person to tell me to get over it

But, reader beware, if you decide to be that person who tells me to get over it, I'm liable, in my fragile state right now of a) being cold b) having four hours of sleep c) being angry at the DMV Lady and d) having no sugar in my coffee, I'm liable to skewer you in the eye with my coffee stir stick and rip your socks off so your feet are as cold as mine.

Oh, and another thing - the little ball on my mouse that allows me scroll up and down pages with a minor flick of my finger is not working. So this requires me to move the entire mouse over the up/down arrows on the right-hand side of my screen, which really is quite time consuming.

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