Monday, October 6, 2008

You should all be proud to know that I had my propane tank filled today.

Well, not filled totally but enough for me to have hot water and a stove/oven again for the next little while. And the man said he would light my pilot light on the furnace too so when that morning comes when it's too cold to tolerate, I can have heat.

I also car shopped today and I think I found the one.

It's a 2003 Ford Focus station wagon, which makes me laugh. The words station wagon reminds me of the one my mom had when I was a kid. Let me just say, they've come a long ways since the 1980's.

But it has all the elements I need: 1) room 2) affordability and 3) great gas mileage.

So we'll see what happens. I'm dickering with the guy on prices so hopefully in the next few days I can ditch the rental car and drive off the lot with my own vehicle.

It's been almost a month since I've had my own car.

Speaking of car. It was towed away a salvage yard. I know that because the mechanic called me and wanted to know what I wanted to do with all my stuff that was still in it. Thankfully they cleaned out for me. But I still feel bad. I hope it's not put into a car crusher or something because that would really hurt my feelings even more then they are already.

I know. Sentiments.

Tonight's order of business:
-cleaning the house
-possibly painting the bathroom (possibly)
-possibly putting the kitchen table together (if I can find the bag of hardware)
-dinner and a movie in bed

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